Frequently Asked Questions: 

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​* Why did you sell out of my favorite flavor today?  ​

We are not mass marketed fast food. Our DonutZ are made in small batches to insure FRESHNESS! We are interested in creating a special, quality product from fresh ingredients. Each doughnut is unique, made from scratch, individually fried, glazed, and decorated.  There are plenty of places that will have a full variety twenty-four hours a day, but do you really want a doughnut that’s been filled with preservatives, extruded, and frozen for months before you buy it? No, neither do WE. This is why you should come to Chemshaw 13 DonutZ & Comics and TASTE the difference, yourself!

* Do you sell bagels?  

Nope. We are not experts in bagels (except eating them). For great bagels, we take a little drive over the boarder to The Great American Bagel  in Orland Park, IL.

9189 W. 151st Street, Orland Park, IL  60402​.

* Do you make gluten free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free, (etc.) doughnuts? Do you have anything suitable for people with nut allergies?

All of our doughnut recipes contain wheat, dairy, eggs, and sugar.   Please contact us with your specific allergy questions, understanding that we are unable to to certify that any doughnut is 100% free of any particular ingredient. 

* Where does the name “Chemshaw 13” come from?

Chemshaw 13 was named after a Magic shop in a role playing game Jason wrote himself, that is now known nationwide.

* Is this a franchise?

​Nope! It’s a mom and pop shop. Actually, we are a Mom & Son and a Son & Mom Shop! Owned by Jason & Lynette Sullivan, Jason's Mom and Lynette's Son also work at the shop! Chemshaw 13 DonutZ & Comics was conceived and created by us, after much frustration in trying to find real doughnuts and a friendly and knowledgeable Comic Shop, we decided the best decision was to open our own store.

* * I have a great marketing opportunity for you--would you like to buy an ad/buy space in my coupon book/sponsor my kid’s soccer team/donate doughnuts for teachers or some very cute puppies, or high school kids?

​We’d love to support all of our customers’ causes, but being a fledgling business in an unkind economy, we’ve got to be very, very selective about such things. Keep in mind that due to the volume of requests we receive, you may not receive a response for a week or more, and that we plan donations at least a month in advance. 

* What do you do with your leftover doughnuts? Can I pick them up for my charity event, school meeting, or my hungry pet tigers?

​We generally sell out daily.  On the occasion we do have leftover's, we donate them to various organization's with-in Crown Point, IN. Here are a few examples:

CPFD, CPPD, St. Jude House, Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex and local Hospital's E.R. Departments, etc.

We are open to discuss your charity event or school meetings... hungry pet tigers, we would need to meet them first! :)